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Selfie Spotter

Selfie Spotter (Roaming Photographer)

With “Selfie Spotter”, event attendees receive photos directly to their phones. No need to scroll through hundreds or thousands of event photos – attendees receive only the ones in which they are spotted.
As an event organizer, settings are at your fingertips for customizing the personalized gallery experience to best represent your brand and deliver the greatest marketing ROI.



How it works

Group 4@3x.png


Attendees smile for the camera and have some
photos taken by a professional photographer.

Group 5@3x.png


They register with the photographer one time, providing the phone number or email address

where they want to receive their photos.

Group 6@3x.png


A link to their own private gallery is instantly shared. This gallery updates during the event with each photo they appear in. They can share photos on their own terms via social media.

Photos are taken at all kinds of events. We make it simple to expose your brand to attendees, adding beautiful overlays to photos and customizing the look and feel of galleries to match your brand identity. Attendee photos feel like they are truly part of the event. When attendees share their photos on social media, your brand will get even more exposure.


SelfieMemphis Spot My Photos-Carosel img

Selfie Spotter Rental Includes

Professional Attendant
Professional Camera
Professional Lighting
Smart Share Privacy Safeguard
Custom Branding on Photos (optional)
Instant Access to Photos by Attendees (only their own photos)
Digital Images Available to Organizer Instantly (for social media)
Instant Onsite Printing (Add-on)



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